By Nana Aboagyewaa
Looking to the north City of London star! People busy, lights flashing, loud noise.
A burst of aromas in the air, where the crossroads meet. From the old skool vintage to the new age fashion rebel. Just classic!
What else can I say? Shoreditch! There. I said it.
Just waiting to arrive from Liverpool street bitting my finger nails with excitement, craving that night life and the pounding tunes.
Only three steps to go. Floods of people through the window. Hearts racing standing in the queues having a sneaky cigarette before they get into the clubs.
Oh, I’m loving it!
No thanks love, no drugs needed. I’m high on the atmosphere, feeling the rhythm of the footsteps.
Where do I start. Need a coffee with two sugars – oh what the hell – make it three. Had a long day at work. Who am I kidding.
Waiting to cross the busy road, buses flying past – so I walk behind one. The exthaust pipe blows grey fumes onto my shiny Louboutins!
Watch it mate –  these are new.
Im outside JUNO. Let me just pull up my tights and pull down my dress, check my reflection. Three ticks here I go.
Step inside watching my step, wanting to make the perfect entrance. Please don’t trip.
Beads of sweat running down my back. Let’s go and say hi, do the two-cheeks kiss, then down a pineapple juice.
OMG! 1 AM. Makeup re-touch time, toilet packed out. Choked by the scents of Chanel Madamemosille and Viva La Juicy. LOVING IT!
Dancing around, his hand in mine, in a dark corner enjoying the night.
Friends all chilled out but time for me to go, glammed it all evening –  feet killing me. Shoes off, walking barefoot on the cold pavement. I need someone to carry me.
Step by step slowly like a snail to the end of a race to the bus stop and wait to go home.
I really don’t want to leave. Need a famous Hackney kebab but where’s the cashpoint. Oh forget it … I think I have bread at home.
Eyes closing; every blink gets heavier than the last. Finally home.
Can’t be bothered to take off my lipgloss. I’ll do it tomorrow when I have another freaking amazing night in Shoreditch.
Nana Aboagyewaa

Living in Camden with her nine year-old son, Nana is passionate about fashion and media, and has worked on various clothing projects in the past few years, in addition to working in retail banking.


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