Tell us about your business, what do you do?

As Business Director at KANKUN® I help boost the popularity of Mexican food and bring a vision of Mexico to the UK. I’m also responsible for developing new products and recipes and promoting KANKUN® products to our target market.

To represent my brand – KANKUN®– I become the infamous KANKUN® Luchador who has played a major part in our growth in the UK. Travelling up and down the country to promote Latin American food, the KANKUN® Luchador has appeared at various events in Shoreditch, the Edinburgh Festival and other events.

The KANKUN® Luchador has been nominated for Business Personality of the Year at the LUKAS Awards 2014. Cast your vote at

What inspires you?

I am proud of my Mexican heritage and passionate about Mexican food. I want to share the great flavours and charm of Mexico with the world by bringing authentic Mexican foods to dining tables across the world. KANKUN® is the start of this dream. A secret family recipe mixed with my passion for vibrant and flamboyant Mexican wrestling, KANKUN® encapsulates my childhood in a bottle.

What is unique about KANKUN®?

KANKUN® is the closest you’ll get to an authentic home-made Mexican sauce. Each sauce has its own distinctive personality, from a zesty mild sauce, through a smoky marinade, to an extremely hot pure habanero chilli. These sauces unleash your inner Luchador.

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What has been your most memorable experience while developing your business?

Developing a project from scratch is challenging and exciting. I meet many interesting people and participate in great events. The people in Shoreditch, in particular, have given KANKUN® Sauce a very warm welcome.

I met Mischa Barton at the launch of this magazine. I also met Jonathan Ross at one of the Lucha Britannia events. I have many other memorable experiences that I call “kankun-virgin memorable experiences”: the first bottle I produced, the first bottle I sold, the first time I saw my sauces in a shop for sale. But, the most amazing experience is to see people enjoying my sauces and wearing KANKUN® masks at events.

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What has been your greatest success to date?

Replicating my granny’s recipe at an industrial level. To launch a product that is gluten free and free from additives has been enormously satisfying.

What’s next for KANKUN®?

I want to see KANKUN® Sauce on the shelves of every food shop and in the cupboard of every kitchen in the UK. Our reach is expanding and we’re excited about the rest of 2014.

Mischa Barton

What do you like about Shoreditch?

Shoreditch is awesome. The creativity and energy of this place makes it outstanding. Every time we are in the area we get a pleasant surprise. There is so much talent and diversity.

What I like the most is the entrepreneurial vibe. It’s like being in a wrestling ring – you have to expect the unexpected.

What are your favourite places in Shoreditch?

Places in Shoreditch have a great personality and offer something completely different to the West End. If I am hungry, I like Lupita East or Barrio East. For exercise, I go to Lucha Britannia wrestling lessons on Mondays and Tuesdays. If I fancy a drink I go to Boho Mexica, Hoxton Pony or Happiness Forgets.