On the Mother’s day we wanted to share with you Ugne Henriko’s fabulous series of pictures called ‘Mother and Daughter’. Through genetic and characteristic similarities pictured in the reflected portraits of herself and her mother 37 years ago, Ugne explored the idea of being a copy of someone else, most likely, your mother. All of the images on the left side are her mother’s, taken approximately in 1975 and images on the right side are photographs of her taken 37 years later.







G: Tell us about the Mother- Daughter project?

It’s a project about a relationship between my mother and me. I am trying to look into the general idea of being a copy of somebody else. To achieve this I have recreated my mother’s old photographs with myself in them, as a reflection of her. Photographs on the left are my mothers, taken approximately in 1975 and the ones on the right are mine, taken in 2012.

G: What was the inspiration behind the project?

My parents also did photography when they were in their college year. We have plenty of photo albums back home, boxes full of prints. I use to go through them and use my mothers photos as my own – we were really incredibly similar. The series were born two years ago at my final year of university. At the moment I do not even remember the exact moment how I figured it out. Woke up one morning and just knew it!

G: What are you working on at the moment?

Just finishing my 5 week photography adventure at The Grand Budapest Hotel with Secret Cinema!

G: What are your favorite artists/photographers?

At the moment I am very much in love with Can Dagarslani’s work. But I wouldn’t stick labels on photographers, they come and go as an inspiration itself!

G: What are your future plans?

Get inspired! I’d love to get some time for my self, get lost in the woods, wake my analog camera from hibernation and greet this summer with a fresh new project!

About Ugne Henriko:

Ugne is a professional photographer from Lithuania, who spent three years in Cambridge School of Arts improving her photography skills and got involved with projects such as Secret Cinema presents Laura Marling during her residency in London. Find out more about the artist at: www.ugnehenriko.co.uk