Tales on Shoreditch: Finding Beauty in the Everyday


Photographer Nicole Struppert first started documenting Shoreditch as a project for herself. “For me Shoreditch is one of the most inspiring areas in London and changing everyday – it never gets boring.”

But after building up a body of work, Struppert decided to take it online, and Tales on Shoreditch was born.

Struppert says she is attracted to urban spaces, contrast and street art, and the images often feature geometric patterns, particularly from architecture. “I love minimalistic photography and great storytelling. I would say the work of Ralph Gibson, Joel Meyrowitz, Saul Leiter,  Trent Parke, Erwin Blumenfeld, Josef Hoflehner, Mary McCartney and Matt Stuart inspires me a lot.”

Her favourite places to wander are along side streets of Brick Lane, starting at Fashion Street, before heading up to Redchurch Street, and ending up in Hoxton or Hackney.

There are also plans to publish a book. At the moment, it is a case of finding the right partner: “The project is an ongoing project, so there is no time pressure… I am also thinking about self publishing, but would prefer having a publishing house behind my back.

You can check out more of this series at: www.nicolestruppert.com

Images by Nicole Struppert







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