Experimental Photography by Rocio Montoya

Rocio Montoya boasts many skills ranging from photography, editing and web designing, even fashion editorial having founded the magazine “DOZE”; yet one that stands out in her iconic pictures is her talent for experimental photography. Based in Madrid, Montoya produces diverse ranges of images, each one with a photographic basis that is central to her work. Specialising in portrait, Montoya explores the various emotional states that experienced by humans, and presents them through various plastic techniques. By identifying these human-specific behaviours, Montoya is able to transform what she sees and manipulate it through her method of experimental portrait photography. It is here that Montoya so beautifully conveys the subject’s perception of their own environment through these aesthetic photographic experiences. Covering a broad range of human emotions and experiences, Montoya hones in on the loss of identity and specifically the female figure as she aims to seek beauty in all of her representations. It is this immersion in the visual arts that form the conceptual basis of her captivating graphic images.

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