The Beauty of Oranges


Italian photographer Silvana Maragliulo explores the aesthetics of oranges and the human figure in her new project. Titled “Oren,” each photograph shows an aspect of the human figure alongside oranges. The series of photos have a vintage feel to them, as the only bright color in each of them is the fruit. The other elements, even the man who is the subject of each photo, are toned down in color. The eye is instantly drawn to the oranges. Although it may seem strange to relate oranges with a well-groomed man in a good suit, the photographs seem to work.

This project shows how beautiful aesthetics and designs can be drawn from a lot of different things. Maragliulo brings the technical and natural world together by pairing the oranges with broken up pieces of a machine. The organic quality of the fruit and the technological machinery surround the man in almost every photograph. In a way, this is a description of modern life as human beings try to maintain their roots in nature and still progress in technology. In the end, the photographs are beautifully set up and are very interesting to the eye.

DSC_0062 DSC_0058   DSC_0043