The Comedy of High-Fashion

We have all probably wondered how we would look as high-fashion models. French fashion stylist Nathalie Croquet literally did it. Don’t think it was a way to make her dreams come true and become a model, not at all. She wishes to mock the industry, not praise it. She recognizes, with these satirical photographs, the false images of the fashion world. Perfect models in perfect clothing fill the head of young girls and boys with the idea that if they do not look like models, then they are not attractive. Croquet is making fun of this idea. Not only was it a fun experience for her (and the photographs are really fun to look at as well), but it also shows the value of being and loving yourself.

Each of the original models in these photographs are beautiful, but we have to look a little closer. The original photos end up looking fake when paired with Croquet’s. How much retouching goes into making models look beautiful? The original models do not even look real here, so apparently a lot. Croquet’s project is all about fun, but it does shed some light into our society’s definition of “beautiful.” We probably do not know enough to be able to define it anyway.
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