Daniel Sachon: Disruptive Innovation


Daniel Sachon, Chanel to Bed

A soaring talent in the London creative scene, 19 year old photographer Daniel Sachon is the youngest ever artist to be hosting a solo exhibition of his work at the renowned Londonewcastle Project Space. Titled Disruptive Innovation, Sachon’s youthfulness is undoubtedly present in the show as he tackles ideas and themes that are all relevant to the millennial experience, from pop culture, to the ubiquity of advertising, the power of the product and the increasingly inextricable relationship between art and commerce.

Daniel Sachon, An Air of ProntezzaDaniel Sachon, The Divine State of Decay Daniel Sachon, Oblique Fascination  Daniel Sachon, 4DDaniel Sachon, Coffee Break Daniel Sachon, Millennial Marilyn

Sachon largely does this by making reference to 20th century artistic icons like Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock or Marilyn Monroe, and then depicting them in a modern context, often juxtaposing them alongside imagery from some of the most prevalent brands around now like Starbucks and Apple. In doing this, Sachon not only makes us question our role as consumers, but in his sustained presentation of celebrated figures of the past, we also can’t help but question the fleeting and disposable nature of fame today.

Daniel Sachon’s work is also undoubtedly of its time in that it is unapologetically erotic- the women featured in his work are not the passive subjects of the past, but instead bold and defiant, seeming fully in control of their own destiny and sexuality, daring the viewer to meet their strong female gaze.

Provocative and thought-inspiring, Sachon’s photography skill is definitely beyond his years- this exhibition should not be missed. Disruptive Innovation is running at the Londonewcastle Project Space from the 10th-17th December 2015.