From portraits to sculptures, the artistic depth of Sandra Shashou

Painter and sculptor Sandra Shashou works with different elements to create new compositions for each of her pieces. In her oil-based paintings, she has accumulated newspaper clippings of well-known British and international icon. She constructs these newspaper clippings together with layers of paint to create a portrait of each of the icons. The effect together creates for the viewer a glimpse into the lives of each icon as seen in print. There is an added weight of seeing everything that was published about these iconic figures scattered across their faces, as if these clippings are the only way to tell their individual stories. With her added character and expression to each portrait, Sandra Shashou adds a sensual material experience that is open for visual interpretation.



Sandra Shashou’s newer project breaks away from painting into sculptural work. In an abstract series called ‘Broken’, Shashou takes bone china tea sets and breaks them to form splintered fragments. These fragments work to portray the ability for human to embrace dramatic life-changing moments in their lives. When asked to describe her work, Shashou said, “broken is about major transformation and the fragility of life. Something really beautiful can sadly end and then morph into something unimaginable and even more extraordinary.” These beautiful china pieces are broken and then organized in different shapes that add extra depth and weight to each piece.

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Image credit: Sandra Shashou