Kiss the canvas: Jayne Shearer’s lipstick art

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While at art school, Jayne Shearer was drawn to pop art and Andy Warhol paintings including the ones of Marilyn Monroe. Her lips and Warhol’s use of bright colors led Jayne Shearer to develop her own way of creating her art pieces through the drawing and painting of many lips. As her projects developed, so did her technique for creating the lips that make up each object. Shearer now uses her own lips as the shape for each one on her canvases. Her act of kissing the canvas represents the love that society shares for beautiful things that surround everyone in the world. During her journey with these different art pieces, Shearer has created many different lipstick colors she can use to represent the lips. She has spent her time collecting different images of objects of beauty that are in the world so that she can recreate them with the many lips. Her exaggeration of size helps add emphasis to each surface and enforce the of each object being an object of desire. Every kiss on the canvas is placed with intention. Jayne Shearer makes sure that each lip print is in the right place to magnify the object and that each lip mark is shaped in the right way.

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