Abokado’s ‘Cupcycle’ Eco-Mission

Abokado is launching ‘Cupcycle’, an eco initiative which allows anybody to bring in their own re-usable cup and, will in exchange receive 25p off their coffee!


#latteart – you know how much East Londoners love their coffee…

The main surge for the scheme is the recent revelation that only 1 in 400 of highstreet coffee chain cups are actually recycled. So, with up to 2.5 billion cups given out each year, Abokado’s perspective is that things need to change.

Describing itself as “London’s health focused destination for fresh, feel-great food” it’s aim is to challenge all coffee houses to follow through with this and help curb the capitals waste.


Currently with 28 spots dotted all over London, the offer applies to the entire range of artisan caffeine products, which are resourcefully crafted in their local Hackney base. The brand intends to introduce the concept straight away to start the ball rolling on waste reduction and create a positive impact asap.

“Abokado’s ‘feel great’ mission is to inspire customers to lead healthier and happier lives and this includes values around sustainability, which is why we had to launch Cupcycle,”

Founder Mark Lilley, set the core concept straight.


He also added,

“There are ground-breaking entrepreneurial firms out there working on the engineering and trial of 100% recyclable cups. We are already in talks with one of these about Abokado coming on board as a primary trial partner.”

“In the meantime, we hope this 25p off initiative will not only help reduce the number of non-recyclable cups leaving our stores, but encourage London’s great Coffee House community to follow suit. If all outlets operate a similar offer then together we can dramatically address the current situation and make a positive impact on the environment.”


We dropped by the Strutton ground shop in Victoria^ to get our reusable cup and found out Abokado has such a clear, passionate stance on coffee consumption – they love it, like we do! But, they are pushing forward the necessity to keep waste to a minimal with this new idea.

The first shop opened in Covent Garden, 2004 and has only grown in popularity from there. The family-run business ensures that each coffee product is made from 100% Arabica beans sourced exclusively from Minas Gerais, Brazil in the Daterra Estate and then roasted into a bespoke blend from coffee purveyors Climpson & Sons. Focusing on a healthy outlook, the brand ensure no extra syrups or sugars are added.

To find a store near you and help stop coffee cup waste, visit www.abokado.com