Campfire Club is back for the summer

Campfire club is a concert like no other, where music is amplified by the outdoors and performed around a giant campfire! It’s the best way to experience music live and it has returned for 2017, every Friday from May to September.

The act of singing itself began around flickering ambers, out in the open under starry skies, where men woman would gather around the warm flames in celebration, and tell each other stories into the night.

This is how it used to be, but at London’s campfire club, this is how it still is. The music is acoustic and the experience is intimate, right through the summer to the beginning of autumn.

Campfire Club sources the best talents locally and from all over the world, for the most unique and memorable experiences.

The events run in several secluded corners of London, some locations kept secret until a few days before. They bring the fine artistry of many different types of music to life, from folk and traditional to world music and the contemporary. Those that attend know they are hearing something truly magical.

One of the next acts appearing at Campfire Club is Derek Gripper at 7pm on June 15th.

Derek Gripper’s latest album is ‘Libraries on Fire’

From South Africa, Derek has produced some of his country’s most extraordinary works over the last 10 years. His music brings in European classical traditions, avant-garde Brazilian works, Indian classical music, Cape Town’s folk styles and other music from all over the world.

Gripper offers an amazing voice in post-apartheid South African landscape. His music demonstrates a country’s musical confidence in forging fresh paths through cross-genre, cross-generational and cross-cultural collaborations.

Gripper’s performance is at a secret location, so you’ll have to book tickets and wait until the location is sent out!

Find out more about Campfire Club at The Nest Collective official website.