Magical forest creatures carved into avocado pits

While most people throw away pits after peeling their avocados immediately, some people feel a bit more potential in such an object.

Jan Campbell is one of those people who see beauty even in the most common things. After preparing avocado as a part of her lunch one day, she suddenly felt fascinated by the beauty of the pit inside, an object most people throw away without a second thought.For weeks she didn’t know what she could actually do with such thing, at the end, it’s just a rounded, brown pit without any further exploitation. But one day a pigmented surface scratch inspired her to start carving away its layers. Jan didn’t stop and using her creativity she carved away the pit, turning it into a beautiful piece of art- a face of a forest creature.

Ever since that day, the Irish artisan has been turning avocado pits into tiny, intricately detailed figurines inspired by Celtic folklore. They often include faces of forest spirits, ancient goddesses with long, flowing hair and men with beards, but sometimes even a handful of wild mushrooms and plants. The miniatures can be simply displayed as tiny decorative statues, or worn as pendants, and according to Jan “they’re meant to provide the holder with a unique sense of companionship and comfort.” The uniqueness of this artwork and Jan’s amazing creativity has gained her a deserved spotlight and her story and art are quickly taking over the internet.

Explore Jan’s finest creations below, with some of them being available for purchase on her official website