Stunning Tokyo photography

Patrick Ebu Mordi is a Baltimore born, Nigeria raised photographer currently residing in Amsterdam. His work mostly features photographs of people from his travels and around Netherlands, where he often captures the night-life and interesting games of colours. His art can be described as “the colourfulness of pursuit” and that’s how the artist calls it too.Although having a big portfolio on his website and long years of experiences in his account, the photographer reveals that he has almost lost his love for taking pictures, as he couldn’t find anything fascinating around the area he lives in anymore.

After taking a trip to Tokyo, Patrick was struck and amazed by the streets of this city and the culture of people living there. The lights which reminded him of his homeland were even bigger and more visible than anywhere else in the world he’s ever been and that inspired him to start taking pictures again. His love for photography has suddenly come back and the artist returned with series of stunning pictures from his trip. That being said, Patrick has confirmed that Tokyo has saved his view on artistic photography and he will continue to amaze the eyes of many with his exceptional artwork.

See the amazing photographs below and check out his website and Instagram @ ebu.mordi for more pictures from his travels.