Interview with Lifestyle Entrepreneur Luca Maggiora

You started the international success story Toy Room with Jordan Rocca, Genarro Salerno and Corrado Mozzillo which is now in 7 cities all over the world. You have launched La Mia Mamma restaurant on the Kings Road, Scandal club, and now most recently are taking over Charlie nightclub on the prestigious Berkeley Street, Mayfair.

What for you would be your key piece of business advice you would give to your younger self?

To focus less on Turnovers and more on Costs. The secret for a successful business is not how much money are you able to generate but instead of much costs are you able to cut to be able to generate profit.

 I see you have businesses across the world, which country are you looking to expand to next?

Having opened already in the Middle East and India, Asia will be our next market.

What are your greatest goals for your businesses?

To be an example of hard work, passion and vision for the newest generations.

What keeps your businesses financially viable in the competitive market?

Being able to control costs. Hospitality business in London became seasonable. Being able to control costs allow you to generate profit all year round.

Who is your business role model?

Jimmy Iovine. He is an example of hard work, vision, intuition and dedication.

Are you harnessing new technology to power your businesses?

In 2018 I still haven’t found yet new technology that can improve the Nightlife Hospitality business.

Are your businesses at a stage where they can operate day to day without you?

Yes and No.

Yes because I have fantastic partners and Teams around me who know exactly what they are doing and No because my day to day contact with partners, management and clients is still so important.

What areas of your business are you looking to improve on?

Social Media. I am curious to improve the business side of what socials media can offer.

What are the biggest challenges of starting a business?

Financial management (finding funding), Time management and being able to recruit and maintain the Right Team/partners.