Desert Apocalypse Photomontage

Photographers Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva, based out of Nice, France created surrealist black and white photographs that depict a post-apocalyptic world in the desert. The two took recreated internationally recognized monuments and place the models in setting to photograph and later digitally manipulate to appear to be in the aftermath of an apocalypse. The project is a commentary on contemporary art, which the artists feel has too blurred of lines. To comment how their belief that an artist can declare nearly anything a piece of work and modern museums accepting and displaying these artworks, Vitaliy and Elena wanted to show museums in a context that have nothing to do with what surrounds them. The model museums are placed in environments entirely different than their usual setting to give the viewer the same “out of place” feeling they have when experiencing many contemporary artworks today.

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Images by © Vitaliy & Elena Vasilieva