Fire Can Create Beauty Too

Ars Thanea, an advertising and production agency, created a new flower set design around the idea of combustion. These “ash flowers” were made with roses and are meant to look life flowers that are burning or have burned. The sculpture was made by hand using ash, paint and light effects.

The installation did not use actual fire, of course, as this was not the point. The main objective was to recreate the process of combustion and show how something as destructive as fire is (or is usually thought to be) can make beautiful things too. The juxtaposition of the beauty of flowers and the aggressive quality of fire challenges the idea of combustion as something that kills life. Viewers are asked to appreciate the beauty of fire and its effects.

Although these roses were not actually burning, the effect was detailed enough for it to look real. The black roses look as fragile as actual ash, ready to crumble with a single touch. The beauty of the flower detail and the kindling effect of the orange light make up for the lack of colour.

Ars Thanea is all about “The Art of Imagination.” With this installation they make viewers imagine fire as beautiful, as art.