A Strange Representation of People

Artist Claudio Parentela has been in the business for a long time. In that time he has been able to create a series of works that explore different styles and themes. Most of his works, however, focus on people. It could be about their internal subconscious state or the external image they present to the world. Regardless, Parentela seems to explore the human nature and role in the world.

Parentela was born in Italy, where he still lives and works as a freelance journalist and artist. He is an illustrator, painter, photographer, cartoonist, collagist and much more. Since he started working as an artist he has been able to test his skills in all kinds of styles. He has also collaborated with many magazines as well as graphic novels and comics. Electronic, punk and metal bands have also used his work.

There is no one way to explain or understand his work. The only common component between each painting or illustration is the presence of a human being. Each seems to ask the viewer to understand the work as a representation of people, no matter how strange or abstract it may be. His use of colour is not common and most of his work is monochromatic. This does not mean he does not dabble in using bright colours; most series are just focused on the use of black and white photographs.