The Art of the Moving Sculpture

One of the best-known qualities of sculptures is that they are static, unable to move. This is no longer true thanks to the work of artist DarkangelOne. Called a “magician” because of his work, DarkangelOne challenges the idea of sculptures as static. Working on photo series of other artists’ sculptures, he has reimagined them with the use of digital manipulation and a 3D quality. The result is a series of GIFs that show the possibility of movement for these sculptures.

Although the movement is only real in a photograph (the actual sculpture is not moving, the effect is just in the GIF) it shows viewers how movement is possible. The next step is to make the real-life sculptures move as they do in their photos. In the meantime, DarkangelOne has created a beautiful series that challenges the eye and the imagination.

The people and human figures in the photographs do not move with the sculptures. They are simply the vessels for this movement. This creates a strange abstract look for each of the photographs, as the sculpture seems to move with no control, almost taking over the person in each photograph. The effect is enchanting and haunting at the same time, and it is definitely addictive: it is very hard to look away.