Always Reach for the Peak of the Mountain

Reaching the peak of a mountain is the physical and metaphoric objective for all of our lives. We strive to always reach higher and never lose our ground. This is what photographer, artist and designer Natxo Borreda wants to represent with “Beyond the Clouds,” his new abstract series. The photographs in the work show different perspectives of several peaks with a reflective triangle on the top, facing the mountain. Each photograph speaks of self-improvement and the hard way we must face to get our objectives. The floating triangle in each photograph says that each person is going beyond the clouds. The shape also represents this voice or sense that it is possible to reach the peak and go even farther, it is just necessary to do the work.

Borreda is originally from Valencia but is currently living and working in London. All of his projects are focused around the use of photography, art and design. Like “Beyond the Clouds,” his works mixes several medias. In this case the series is focused on the use of photographs, but Borreda worked with the photos and added the design of the floating triangles to make them more interesting and symbolic.