Time lapsed photographs capture brushstroke-like color movement in the sky

Long-exposures are key for any photographer trying to properly capture the essence of any beautiful sunset, but Ontario-based photographer Matt Malloy has combined this with another technique known as “photo stacking” to incredible images. Upon first glance, you may think you are staring at a van Gogh-esque painting filled with large brushstrokes of color, but with some close examination the image reveals itself are a photograph with long streaks of color sprawling through the sky. Malloy’s photo stack method is created by taking hundreds of long exposure shots and lightly merging them together on Photoshop. The result creates an effect that though our eyes observe with a changing sky, it never captures like this.

Malloy is interested in observing the course of time from a photographical point. With is method, he says “you can see a time frame of several hours in one image, [which is] something our eyes can’t do naturally.” Though digitally manipulated, the photographs reveal what can’t traditionally be captured in an image but is observed over a time span with our eyes. The shift of colors and shape that create the brushstroke-like sky smears allow for the wonder of the skies to be revealed.

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© Matt Malloy