Light refractions of landscape and sky, Scott Naismith’s paintings

Scottish artist Scott Naismith finds inspiration from the countryside around Glasgow for most of his paintings. He captures these beautiful landscapes with oil paints on canvas to show a different take in the scenes and the vibrant colors that one can view. Instead of sticking to the natural colors of the landscape, Scott Naismith switches the color palette to exude a brighter style. His vibrant works of art represent how fast the light conditions of Scotland can change. He uses the emotional response that color can have on a viewer for his landscapes.

Recent pieces from Scott Naismith focus on the way that a sky transitions through the daytime and beyond. The constant changing of the skies shows that while a landscape might seem the similar each day you return, there is something different about it with the sky above. Naismith sees the changing skies from dark to light as a sign of hope and optimism in the world. He draws upon this positive energy with each brushstroke he makes on the canvas.

While he has spent 10 years covering the Scottish landscape, cloud work in the skies has become the main focus as of late. Since clouds are these massive areas of water, they have an ability to reflect and refract light different from every viewpoint. Since light is the main inspiration for Scott Naismith in his paintings, he uses the way that a cloud can refract light in the different paintings. He is constantly playing with the way that warm and cool colors can mesh off each other to form different emotions and images for the viewer.

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