Top trends we saw during Fashion Week Spring 2021

This fall’s fashion week showcased many different styles and trends to look forward to this coming spring and summer. Here, we take a look at what each of the four fashion capitals had to show for it.

New York Fashion Week:


We’ve spent so much time on the couch in 2020, that we’ve turned into one! These 70s-inspired couch florals are sure to dominate the spring with their English-countryside-esque flare.


Whether they’re big or small, this cut-out trend seems to have carried over from this fall’s fashion trends.


You’ll be happy to hear that your work-from-home uniform is the latest trend! Sweatsuits, both casual and sophisticated alike, will bring comfort to your spring closet.

Mini Skirts

Time to dig out your mini skirts! They are back, once again, to accentuate your legs with pleats and high-rise waists.

London Fashion Week:

Midi Dresses

These dresses hit the legs at mid-shin, giving it the “midi” name. Dressed up or dressed down, these can give an elegant boost to any outfit.


Pastels were a popular look at fashion weeks around the world. The lightened hues give off a delicate vibe that will be perfect for sunny spring days.

Bold Shoulders

These pronounced shoulders can be found in dresses, tops, and blazers alike, creating a dauntless look for anyone who dons them.


Throwing it back to the 18th century, ruffles made their place in the show. This textural feature adds pizzazz to what would be an average outfit.

Pandemic Fashion

In an honorary mention, Bora Aksu took us back to 1918 with a presentation inspired by WWI and the deadly flu pandemic that occurred as the war was nearing its end. The looks unveiled were a memoir to the nurses who worked tirelessly throughout. From the masks to the gloves, it was a very relevant catwalk for the year 2020.

Milan Fashion Week:


If you picked up crocheting as a hobby over quarantine, you’re in luck! Crocheted dresses, tops, bags, etcetera are all in this spring. And if you’re skilled enough, you could easily DIY these looks yourself!


Much like the masks seen in London’s Fashion Week, Milan is bringing us another style that seconds as protection: gloves. While some are attached to the sleeves of shirt, others are free to remove as you please.


A trend that can already be seen on some of the top influencers Instagram pages, monochrome is stepping into the spotlight this spring. Whether you want to go with all one tone or vary a bit in shades, this monochrome movement is one to have you looking simply sophisticated.

Mixed Patterns

In contrast to the monochrome looks above, clashing patterns are also a go. With mix-and-match outfits like these, you can never go wrong!

Paris Fashion Week:


Ransack your father’s, brother’s, or boyfriend’s closet to save a dollar or two on this trend. The oversized, loose-fitting menswear look that we’ve seen the beginnings of this year, is a trend sure to stick for a while.


The more delicate sister of the crochet looks we saw in Milan is here to accentuate any look. Collars, layers, entire looks, you name it–lace was a top trend at Paris Fashion Week.

Bubble Hems

Whether it’s bright and colorful like this Loewe look or simple and sophisticated like this Alexandre Vauthier look, these bouncy, bubbled hemlines are sure to stand out in a (socially-distanced) crowd.


Stripes were a hit across the board at nearly every fashion week this fall. Whether you pick vertical or horizontal, the vibrant hues of color are sure to give you a pep in your step this spring.