Human Hands Used As Canvas For Amazing Animal Art

Guido Daniele is an incredible artist whose speciality is to paint onto the human body, rather a conventional canvas.

He is very popular in Milan, where he has done a lot of commercial work, and also had several successful exhibitions.

It’s not hard to see why as his work is beautiful and because of being painted onto the human body definitely has an extra depth. Take a look at his stunning series of animals painted onto hands and check out his website for more of his amazing work.

Dove-2-hands-white-on-black1-507x340 Tiger1-511x340 Toucan1-499x340 Whale-510x340 Wolf-mail-509x340 Zebra-on-blu1-499x340 Swan-Regal-Swan1-499x340 Panther1-507x340 Parrot-on-brown1-486x339 Butterfly1-510x340 Python-510x340 Polar-Bear-509x340 Paradise-Fish-465x340 Horse-White-on-brown1-507x340 Snow-Leopard-509x340Falcon-2-hands1-511x340