Hyperrealism Paintings By Gustavo Silva Nunez

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and thought it’s so incredibly realistic it could only be a photography, only to move closer and see that it’s actually a painting?

Venezuelan based  hyperrealism artist Gustavo Silva Nunez paints pictures so realistic that they look like  they  are about to come off the canvas.

His speciality seems to be people swimming or submerged in water and it’s stunning. Gustavo adds another dimension to the pictures by including himself interacting with the finished painting.

Check out more of his amazing work and his process of working on his Facebook page.


GustavoSilvaNuez1 GustavoSilvaNuez3 GustavoSilvaNuez4GustavoSilvaNuez9 GustavoSilvaNuez12 GustavoSilvaNuez7 GustavoSilvaNuez10