Silhouetted in surreal spirals: Nate Hill’s photography manipulations

Photographer Nate Hill puts aside his camera in his new series that works with digital manipulation. By taking stunning landscape scenes, Hill is able to transform them into surreal swirls that cause an illusion of an alternative world. The viewer is transported through the tunnel to a single silhouetted figure at the end. These silhouettes always bring an end to the long spiral, hinting at the ability of traveling to another realm or a whole different world. The manipulation of these photographs adds a different depth to the regular landscape scene.

To create the spiral effect, Nate Hill explained in his Instagram comments that he uses iPhone apps like RollWorld. These are able to twist the backdrops into different spirals that work best for the landscape. A different iPhone app called Matter helps him place the single silhouette image into the frame of the photograph.


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