Study reveals the most creative cities of Europe

With lockdown measures still in place across Europe, we have all been turning to other activities to keep ourselves busy. This includes getting creative with hobbies such as painting, pottery, knitting and sewing.

Interested in discovering which creative hobbies are the most popular within Europe, experts at used Google Ads’ keyword planner to discover which European city is the most creative.

The Most Creative Cities in Europe can reveal that London is the most creative city in Europe, with a staggering average of 87,070 searches a month for creative hobbies. The most searched for hobby is painting, with an average of 22,000 monthly searches – the highest search amount for any individual hobby.

In second place is Moscow, with an average of 58,190 monthly creative hobby searches. Unlike London, the most searched for hobby, with 12,200 average searches per month is singing. Although painting and origami are not far behind with 8,100 searches respectively.

Spain’s capital city Madrid places third with a monthly average of 33,150 searches for all creative hobbies. Madrid’s most searched for hobby is also painting with a staggering 8,100 searches last month alone!

The Least Creative Cities in Europe

Bucharest (Romania) is third from the bottom with 5,930 average monthly searches for all creative hobbies, a whopping 81,140 less than the top European contender, London. Although like London, the most searched for hobby is painting.

Brussels ranks 19th, with an average of just 3,340 monthly searches. The top searched hobby in Brussels, which ranks second overall (50,300 searches across all cities), is origami with 960 searches.

In last place is Serbia’s capital Belgrade with a mere 149 monthly searches for all creative hobbies. It’s no surprise as the top searched for item sewing (50 monthly average searches) ranks at number nine overall.

Top Searched for Hobbies

Beating all other creative hobbies is painting! It seems that picking up a paint brush is the clear favourite with 57,590 searches made throughout Europe last month – it was the top searched hobby in four different cities (London, Madrid, Amsterdam and Bucharest).

The art of paper folding origami landed in second. This is no surprise as last month 50,300 searches were made across all 20 cities and it is the most searched for hobby in six different cities.

In third place is photography, with 39,629, average monthly searches being made. The hobby is the most searched for in three different cities, Athens, Budapest and Berlin.


Hobby Total monthly average searches by hobby in Europe
Painting 57,590
Origami 50,300
Photography 39,629
Dancing 39,390
Singing 26,430
Knitting 23,240
Gardening 22,930
Baking 19,170
Sewing 14,540
Writing 13,200
Pottery 12,910
Woodwork 12,430
Musical Instrument 7,880
Flower arranging 1,830