Piecing together fashion: Collages by Pablo Thecuadro

Many think of collage as the simple overlay of photos, but the technique actually requires a great sense of composition and a clever, creative eye that is able to envision a whole final picture whilst only working with isolated fragments. This level of skill is seen in the work of artist Pablo Thecuadro, who collages found imagery to present fashion in a striking and unique way.


Thecuadro’s creations are made with such a precision that they appear as one seamless image, but simultaneously offer numerous perspectives. Through showing the subject from different points of view, Thecuadro exposes the duality that often exists within human existence and the many parts of our personalities. By also experimenting with line, shape and traditional form, Thecuadro redirects attention away from solely fashion and instead turns both model and clothing into a piece of art that keeps the viewer’s eye constantly in observation.