Everyday Life Captured by Diogo Barroso

Photographer Diogo Barroso captures beautiful scenes from everyday life. Taken in black and white, the pictures easily focus around one or two main characters. Barroso waits until his subjects are looking at the camera to snap his picture. Often their whole face isn’t visible because they are in the midst of a crowd. The common theme through his photos is getting the gaze of his subject straight at the camera lens.

The result often shows that the subject is the only one looking anywhere near the camera. In this way, Barroso makes you feel like the spectator being viewed by the subjects of his photographs. Their gazes cut through crowds to see you. Barroso captures what it is like to be singled out in every day life. He singles out his subjects and they single out you.
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All artwork by Diogo Barroso: http://www.diogobarroso.com

On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dbphotography/