Apocalyptic Digital Artwork by Steve McGhee

If the apocalypse represents the destruction of the world, is it caused by humans or nature? This question is something we may never find the answer to. However, if we look at the pictures by digital artist Steve McGhee, we might find the answer is both.

Plane crashes and flooding. Weather and accident. McGhee explores what every day life would look like if catastrophe struck. Natural disasters have struck towns, and there’s no legitimate way to prepare for it. In this collection, McGhee takes the unprepared world and presents them with a situation that people have no control over.

“We react in an undeniably human way… whenever tragedy strikes in the world people come together to help those directly affected. It’s just too bad we have to be reminded that we’re human in such terrible ways,” stated McGhee.


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All artwork by Steve McGhee: http://stevemcghee.com/