Artist Alex Andreev creates surreal landscapes

Sometimes, reality just isn’t enough. In Alex Andreev‘s series “Trailing Gardens,” the artist captures the whimsy of the fantasy and juxtaposes it with reality. He uses a brightly lit scene and morphs some aspect of the landscape, creating impossible situations. These scenes appear out of a fantasy world, or perhaps sometime in the far future. They contain otherworldly elements including hovering bodies that appear to be from a different planet.

Andreev mentioned how in his work, “I take it as activity aiming to fix certain states of comprehension I experienced in my childhood, in my dreams, etc.” He finds the immediacy of reality to one that can be changed just with the tip of his pen.

Here are some of our favourites:Trailing gardens - an orchestraBeacon for MagritteMy ticket to Magonia-1LaputaCrossing