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Best Mobile Games For Long Road Trips

For those of us who love to travel by car, there are several games to pass the time. Here are a few to try: Trivia Crack 2, PlateSpot License Plate Game, Octopath Traveler, Smule karaoke app, Smule karaoke, Nolimit City the Rave, and many more are there.

Whichever games you choose, they will make your trip even more entertaining! But before you decide which ones to download, consider the following tips:

Trivia Crack 2

If you enjoy quiz games, you will love Trivia Crack 2 for your car. This fun app will keep you entertained for hours while you travel. With its various modes, you can play as a team or as an individual. 

This game is fun for the whole family because you can play as a family, or you can play alone. No matter what your skill level is, you can find something that you can answer correctly.

PlateSpot License Plate Game

Have you ever been stuck in traffic for hours on end? Or worse, have you ever had to make your kids stop and look at license plates while driving? There is an app for that! 

PlateSpot License Plate Game is a new game from Villegas Ventures LLC that lets you find license plates from all over the world. It’s a fun and addictive way to pass the time and stay entertained.

Octopath Traveler

If you’re going to spend a few hours playing a mobile game while driving, Octopath Traveler may be just the ticket. The Japanese RPG series has made its way to smartphones and tablets, and Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent will bring the series’ branching storytelling to mobile gaming for the first time. 

This turn-based strategy game will come out on iOS and Android in 2022, but a closed beta will be available soon for Android users. Sign up for the beta through Google Play store to get involved.

Smule karaoke app

While you’re on the road, a Smule karaoke app is a must-have. This app is available for iOS devices and boasts over 10 million songs in various genres and languages. 

Even better, you can sing along with your passenger while you’re traveling. This app even has features to make singing a group effort! Just grab a few friends and get ready to rock the road!

Stardew Valley

If you want a game to play on your long road trip, you should download Stardew Valley. This RPG-lite game has a plethora of features, including a leveling system for your avatar.

 You can level up your skills by collecting gems and gold, but the game is mostly peaceful. However, when you’re a beginner, it is best not to spend too much time exploring the mines, as you might end up losing too much energy.

Mini Metro

If you have a long drive on your horizon, Mini Metro is the perfect game to keep you occupied for hours. Based on the underground subway system, this game teaches you the principles of network design while challenging you to connect stations. 

Radio Roulette

While you’re on a long road trip, Radio Roulette is a great way to pass the time. This game involves turning on the radio and then listening to different stations for a certain amount of time. You’ll hear all kinds of music, and you’ll need to stay on the station for at least ten minutes before it switches to a different station. It’s fun to listen to different kinds of music and see what you think about it.

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