Top 5 home items that can be made with 3D printing


3D printing has become more accessible and more popular than ever before. With vast libraries of open source designs available, anyone with a 3D printer can get online and start creating items out of simple spools of TPU. But plastic isn’t the only material you can use with a 3D printer. We’re starting to see more innovative uses for 3D printers, including ceramics printing and even food printing.

Creating items that can be commonly used around the home is a great way to learn more about your 3D printer and create something truly unique at the same time. In this guide, we will look at five of the most popular home items that you will want to create. You can either create your own 3D designs, or use a resource like the Thingiverse to find or remix the files you need.

Customised storage

Creating customised storage solutions for the items that matter the most to you is a great way to get to grips with 3D printing. You could create mini drawers for small items in your garage. Or you could make a unique pen holder and keep your desk organised. Whatever storage solution you’re looking for, you can easily create it to your specifications.

Technology cases

Tired of looking for the perfect case for your phone? If you don’t want to feel constrained to the usual phone case options, creating your own custom case is a great solution. You can easily use 3D printing to create a strong but lightweight design that you know no one else will have. And you don’t have to stop with your phone. Create a case for your tablet or laptop to keep them safe when you’re out and about. Or create a simple cable spool to keep things like headphone and charging cables safe in your bag.

Home decor

If you want a truly unique home, creating your accessories is a great way to achieve this. You can easily create planters, ornaments, candlesticks, lampshades, clocks and more using a 3D printer. Let your imagination run wild and see what unique and bespoke items you can create for your home. Home decor can be functional too, so you could print your own custom guitar wall mounts to house your favourite instruments. Or you could 3D print an intricate illusion vase as the centrepiece for your dining table.

Kitchen accessories

One of the simplest items you can make using a 3D printer is a cookie cutter. And this will allow you to create cookies in any shape you wish. Measuring cups are another great option. If you don’t have any idea what a cup measurement is supposed to be, you can quickly create a design that will make baking a breeze. Other popular kitchen accessories include lemon juicers and food saver clips.

Missing parts

If you’ve ever started building a piece of flat-pack furniture and discovered that you don’t have all of the parts, you’ll know how frustrating this can be. Rather than returning to the shop or throwing the item away, you could simply print your own missing components. 3D printing missing or broken components is a great way to cut down on items going to landfill. Rather than throwing away perfectly functional items because one small part is broken, we could soon see households printing their replacement parts, or ordering them for a very low cost.

As 3D printers become more accessible and more affordable, we will likely see more people creating their own items for around the home. We could also see the rise in community 3D printing hubs allowing people to print items they need for a very small fee.