LUAP Creates A Giant Pink Bear Mural – His First Painted Street Art Piece In Shoreditch

LUAPan artist best known for his pop art creation The Pink Bear, who he normally paints in fine detail on canvas, has painted his first major street art mural in Shoreditch. Normally The Pink Bear features in smaller paste ups outside of the studio but this painted piece is by far the biggest artwork by LUAP across any medium.

Working with street art agency ‘Outside the Zone’ this new piece featuring The Pink bear is entitled ‘Love Life’. Taking the artist four days to complete, it can be found located on the underside of a railway bridge on Batemans Row in Shoreditch, London.

 ‘Love Life’ explores the concept of existence and personal choice. The love heart eyes on the skull held by the bear in the piece symbolise that the person who died, loved their life and although it is sad they are gone, they made the most of their time on earth.

The strong juxtaposition between a pink bear which can represent the innocence of childhood against the ultimate symbol of death tells a strong story of life, from birth to death.

LUAP says “Existentialism is a theme I have often explored in my work – this work explores the concept that we are in control of our own destiny, that we hold our life in our own hands and we have the power to shape our life. So why not shape your life in a positive way and make it a happy one as the time we have here on earth is short.”

“We will all die sooner or later, that’s the reality of life, whether through natural causes or otherwise. So, when one gets to the end of life, make sure that you have lived a great life and loved as many moments as you can. So love life and make it a happy one.”

Existing in and between physical and surreal environments, The Pink Bear represents both personal history and the artist’s alter ego; he is the anti-hero of LUAP’s work – often conflicted and alone The Pink Bear searches for purpose and connection as it navigates through life, LUAP sees him as a relatable symbol of hope.