Goth Girlfriends Soho Take Over

In a bid to make NFTs more accessible to the general public, and inform everyday Londoners about the emerging virtual art market, No Face (creators of Goth Girlfriends) hosted a pop-up gallery in Soho. The event showcased some of the more popular current Goth Girlfriend pieces (including a few designed to match several well-known influencers), and granted the public an opportunity to mingle in a contemporary central London venue, whilst learning about NFTs.

@gothygfs describe themselves as an “online community for freaks and weirdos to carve our corner of the metaverse“. Through purchasing one of the limited NFTs, the buyer is then granted access through the ownership of their blockchain based Goth Girlfriend to limited access events, festivals, and forums filled with likeminded, alternative individuals. The project is also aimed at offering an inclusive platform for those who find themselves marginalised in traditional art spaces and want to expand into the Metaverse with their own aestheticism in mind.

The Soho based popup was one of the first NFT featuring galleries in London, and decked out in neon lights and macabre decor with free tarot readings and tattoos, to match the alternative style of the art, created by @HECreative. The event is just one step forward in pioneering NFT access to the wider market, educating newcomers and empowering alternative individuals alike.

@gothygfs are currently purchasable via NFT market Solana (for which you’ll need a Solana wallet to purchase).