5 Ways Technology Changed Essay Writing for Better

Every student knows that essay writing is one of the most common tasks assigned in high schools and colleges. According to research, an average college student writes between 10 to 15 essays every semester. That’s somewhere between 40 and 60 pages of writing. So, you can imagine how much time an average student spends writing essays every year.

Given that it is one of the most common academic assignments, essays also turn out to be among the biggest challenges facing students. No wonder most young people find such assignments extremely time-consuming, complex, and even stressful.

But what if we tell you that essay writing has gotten much simpler in the last few years? It’s all thanks to technology. In this article, an expert writer from a trusted essay for sale service will tell us about the key ways technology influenced academic writing.

  1. An Opportunity to Ask for Help

First and foremost, one of the biggest ways technology affected essay writing is that it made professional academic help available to everyone. These days, every student can easily use essay service EssayHub and get their essays written by qualified writers with MA and even Ph.D. degrees in their field.

For students, this means finally getting an opportunity to reduce the academic load and save time for other things that matter. Turning to any admission essay writing service like DoMyEssay, busy students can easily combine their studies with sports, extracurriculars, jobs, and other activities. At the same time, they can ensure that their academic performance and grades will not drop. This is indeed a huge help to young people.

  1. Better Concentration

Many believe that technology and the abundance of gadgets in students’ everyday lives can only harm their focus. However, while there are many distractions, current technology also has the potential to make students smarter and more focused.

There are a few reasons that prove this. First of all, it has long been proven that leveraging various tech solutions in a classroom can boost students’ engagement and, thus, make them study better and more effectively.

Also, if we talk about academic writing, in particular, it is worth noting that there are many great tools that can make your writing more focused. For example, apps like Storyist or FocusWriter are known for eliminating all distractions, leaving you one on one with your text. Such tools can really help students stay more concentrated when writing their academic papers.

  1. More In-Depth Research

Speaking of the ways technology influenced academic writing, it is impossible not to mention how much the research process has changed over time.

We all know that writing an essay requires careful and thorough research, during which students collect ideas, facts, and arguments for their papers. But how do they do this?

If we look back 20 years ago, we will see that a college library was basically the only tool for academic research accessible to students. But this is not the way you do research these days. Today, there is Google and even specialized search engines like Google Scholar that make research simpler and more effortless than ever. Thus, with the help of technology, students can now write essays easier and much faster by cutting down the time they spend on research.

  1. Simpler Proofreading and Editing

If you wonder what part of essay writing is the hardest, most students will say that it’s proofreading and editing. The reason young people hate these stages so much is that they are very time-consuming. What is more, they require having an exceptional eye for detail, which not every student has. But this is one more area where technology changed the game.

Thanks to the internet and various gadgets, modern students have access to a large variety of tools that make proofreading and editing almost effortless. For example, one of the most famous tools of this type is Grammarly. With its help, students can proofread and edit their papers in almost no time. The tool scans the completed text and indicates critical and advanced mistakes that students might’ve missed. It enables you to fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. And it can even help you improve your word choice, sentence structure, and writing style.

By granting access to such tools, technology has helped students handle essay writing even more quickly and easily.

  1. No More Plagiarism

We all know that uniqueness is one of the most crucial metrics used by teachers to evaluate the quality of students’ papers and grade their work. If the text is plagiarized, you will likely get a low grade for it. Respectively, to ensure academic success, students have to keep an eye on the originality score of their papers.

But how can they do this? Just a few decades ago, measuring the uniqueness of your paper was pretty much impossible, but not now. These days, there are dozens of great anti-plagiarism tools that let students check their works for plagiarism before submitting them. 

The Bottom Line

So, what does current technology have to offer for students? As you now know, with the help of technology, modern students can:

  • Acquire top-level academic help;
  • Focus on their assignments better;
  • Conduct in-depth research faster and easier;
  • Streamline the proofreading and editing processes;
  • Avoid plagiarism.

These facts indicate how much technology simplifies writing. Therefore, in the conclusion of our article, we can confidently say that modern students can write better and more effectively than ever if they leverage appropriate tools.